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R.I.P. Maclom McLaren

Malcom McLaren, most infamous for being the manager and ringleader of punk rock icons the Sex Pistols passed away today at the age of 64. Malcom lost his long bout with cancer.

Aside from his well known stint as the Sex Pistols manager, Malcom also managed a store, Sex, in England that was among the first of its kind selling punk rock clothes such as bondage pants and the like. Malcom also claimed to manage the New York Dolls near the end of the career as the band was falling apart. Post-Sex Pistols Malcom even had a mild music hit of his own with the song, “Buffalo Gals”.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny his place in musical and punk rock history and the world of punk may not have ever been what it was without him.

Check out the aforementioned “Buffalo Gals” video below.


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