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Record Store Day this Saturday 4/17!

This Saturday is the Xmas of record collecting, the annual Record Store Day! This event started a few years ago in an effort to promote independent record stores and has since grown into a big deal for anyone who collects music, specifically music on the superior format known as vinyl!

For me this event is greater and more exciting than my birthday and Xmas combined and for the last year or two a ton of record labels have gotten involved and released special editions made just for this day that if you miss out on getting that day you likely won’t be able to find.

For a full list of the Record Store Day releases, check out the RSD site here and check out the main page for a list of instore performances and participating stores.

This year looks to be the biggest Record Store Day yet with a whole slew of special releases from the likes of Soundgarden, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Pavement, Hot Water Music, John Lennon, Joy Division, Devo, and tons more. There is also a number of instore performances scheduled across the country from a variety of cool bands too. Me, I’ll be spending my day over at the Reckless Records in Wicker Park photographing the bands playing in the store that day.



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