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Rhino Handmade to release live Germs CD

Rhino Handmade, a division of Rhino Records responsible for doing some really cool things with CDs is about to release a limited edition one of my favorite punk band in the world.

That band is The Germs and the release is the Live at the Starwood 12/3/80 CD which was the very last performance of the band and happened four days before Darby Crash took his own life.

Parts of this recording appeared on various bootlegs and even some legit releases but this is the first time the entire show is being released. The parts I have heard are the best live Germs recordings around so I am really glad to finally be able to hear the entire show.

Rhino is taking pre-orders now for this limited edition package which also includes a poster and set list, and is housed inside of a box. You can check out the details and place orders here. I can’t wait as this is one of the few times I’m actually excited about a CD release, now if only they’d do a vinyl version of this…


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