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The Hamburglars 7″

The Hamburglars
The best gimmick for a garage band since The Mummies. A great garage/surf band with a gimmick that is totally hilarious.
Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Hamburglars – 7″ EP

Only in the Chicago area could you find a band whose entire gimmick is that they are dressed as the Hamburglar, a defunct MacDonald’s character from the 1970s. After all, Illinois was the birthplace of McDonalds. Meet The Hamburglars as they offer up their first 7″ EP.

The Hamburglars play lo-fi garage rock that is fuzzy and rumbling. This is topped with some great surf guitar leads. The lo-fi aspect really gives them an early punk feel as well which is the icing on the cake. As you may have guessed by the band’s gimmick, all the songs have something to do with McDonald’s. The most common lyric in any of the songs is the Hamburglar’s trademark “Robble”. The songs make reference to cheeseburgers and shamrock shakes and are pretty humorous.

The 7″ comes on black vinyl and is housed in a black and white fold-over picture sleeve. It also has an insert with the lyrics and band information on it. The package is nice and very DIY which matches the lo-fi garage feel of the record. The EP contains four songs.

If you strip the Hamburglars of their hilarious gimmick,  you still have a damn good garage rock band that is easily up to par with any current band of their ilk. Add back in the Hamburglar gimmick though and you have one of the most clever singles to ever come out of that genre since The Mummies. The record is equal parts good rock and roll and comedy making this a really fun single.


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