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Earth to reissue first recording sessions

Drone metal band, Earth, is set to reissue their debut recordings this fall. The album, titled A Beaurocratic Desire For Extra Capsular Extraction, will compile the entirety of their 1990 Smegma Studios sessions that was originally split over a couple of releases. All seven tracks will be remastered by Mell Dettmer, who did all the mastering for Earth’s other releases for Southern Lord.

EARTH was founded by Dylan Carlson in 1989, and in its infant stages contained several different members including Slim Moon (Kill Rock Stars label), Joe Preston (Thrones, Melvins, Sunn 0))), High on Fire) and even Dylan’s close friend Kurt Kobain.

The track listing is as follows:

1. A Bureaucratic Desire for Revenge, part 1   7:22
2. A Bureaucratic Desire for Revenge, part 2   6:38
3. Ouroboros Is Broken   18:19
4. Geometry of Murder   7:22
5. German Dental Work   5:20
6. Divine and Bright   3:02
7. Dissolution 1   7:11


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