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Toothpaste Busted at Oz reunion video

Didn’t make it to Riot Fest this year? Shame on you! Didn’t make it to the once in a lifetime Busted at Oz reunion show at that dumpy little sauna in Wicker Park during Riot Fest? Promptly kick yourself in the ass for your foolishness. Once you are done beating yourself up for missing it, or for those who were there and want to relive it for a few minutes, here’s a video of the very under-rated Toothpaste from the show that night. Thanks to Jon from Toothpaste for passing this along! This is the band performing “Palestine” which is my favorite song from their EP.

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  • Thanks for linking my video! I’ve got more videos from the Oz show coming, as well as the rest of the Riot Fest. Check them out on my site at I linked your review of the Oz show on my site. I couldn’t have done it better myself! Great choice too, this one is my favorite as well!


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