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Righteous Fool – 7″

A strong debut effort from two members of COC and one from HR’s band who deliver a two-song single of strong metallic rock.
Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Righteous Fool – 7″
Southern Lord

Righteous Fool is a new band featuring Mike Dean and Reed Mullin from Corrosion of Conformity along with Jason Browning who played with HR. This is their debut offering, a two-song 7″ single or digital download.

The music contained on this disc falls mostly into the metallic rock category. The music is mid-tempo and has punchy yet rhythmic guitars that make a thick but not abrasive sound. It’s got a good oomph in the low-end like the new COC single has and in fact this almost feels like an extension of the new COC.  Reed and Mike handle the vocal duties and the vocals sound like modern-day stoner rock. Saint Vitus fans would find Righteous Fool especially entertaining and the bands have a bit of a similar feel and tone.

The single contains two songs that compliment each other and fall between four and five minutes in length. It is a short but sweet offering that leaves you wanting a little more, which hopefully these three guys will deliver in the future as this is a really strong first offering.

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