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Resistant Culture – All One Struggle

A solid grindcore album with strong production and really high-quality packaging.
Rating: ★★★¼☆ 

Resistant Culture – All One Struggle LP
Seventh Generation Records/Patac Records

Resistant Culture has been around for quite a few years in one form or another and this is their second full-length album from what I can tell, and their first on the vinyl format.

The music on All One Struggle falls firmly into the grindcore category. The music is fast and repetitive with plenty of blast beats and hyper-speed drumming. The guitars are crunchy, fast, and metallic and are very riff heavy. The band is reminiscent of early Napalm Death except not nearly as fast as that band was. Where the similarities lie are in the vocal delivery and the general guitar sounds. The vocals are deep guttural growls that are a staple of the genre and are as menacing and powerful as any of the band’s peers. The songs are a bit on the short side which suits the style of music nicely; short, fast blasts of power that is easy to consume. The production and mix were really well done too and strikes a nice balance between power and polish.

This release was financed by a co-op of close to ten different labels and it would appear that they spent a good portion of their various contributions on the packaging as it is really slick. The LP was pressed on a nice, thick clear vinyl record. The vinyl comes in a full-color gatefold sleeve with a glossy finish with the lyrics and liner notes printed inside. It also comes with a huge, full-color poster that is equally glossy. It is a really nice package that a lot of care seemed to be taken in.

Grindcore fans will likely find Resistant Culture to their liking and any fan of the genre would do well to pick one of these up while they are still available. A solid package from top to bottom.


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