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Mexican Cheerleader – Genghis Puss

Super catchy, infectious, and punchy melodic punk rock that sounds familiar yet timeless. A solid LP full of great songs.
Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Mexican Cheerleader – Genghis Puss LP
Underground Communique Records

I first heard of Mexican Cheerleader last fall when they played one of the Riot Fest shows. I was immediately impressed with them and I recognized their singer/bass player, Pete Royal, as being a former member of Chicago’s own Oblivion, who were one of the better though lesser-known punk bands from the city circa the 1990’s.

Mexican Cheerleader play really punch punk/power pop with crunchy guitars that at times are a bit of a nod to both the Ramones and Husker Du. Their songs are super catchy and infectious with an upbeat sing-along vibe. The choruses will get stuck in your head after just one listen and the band has a real natural knack for writing catchy punk songs. They have found a perfect blend of a classic pop-punk sound without sounding dated and they easily rival many melodic punk bands on the touring circuit these days. Some of the songs have some personal lyrics and some of them lean more towards the comedic side which really came across in their live show. The LP features a healthy 16 songs and there’s not a bad one in the bunch. They even do a cover of “Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?” which was very well done and far more punky than the original.

The LP comes on a greenish colored vinyl and is housed inside a silkscreen cover that folds over much like the old Dangerhouse 7″s. It also comes with a two-sided photo/lyric sheet and the lyrics are laid out in the hard to read style like all the early Minutemen records. The record also comes with a download code for the mp3s. The overall package is very DIY and very fitting with this style of punk rock and was very nicely done.

With Genghis Puss, Mexican Cheerleader really deliver a lot of band for your bucks and those bucks would be well spent on adding this LP to your collection as I can guarantee it will be getting a lot of repeat plays.


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