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Tutu and the Pirates/Hotlips Messiah kickstarter for a split 7″

Tutu and the Pirates

Chicago’s first punk band and one of Chicago’s current best punk bands (one that is criminally underrated) have joined forces with plans to release a split 7″. The two actually fit well together as Hotlips Messiah not only are a light-hearted fun punk band like Tutu and the Pirates, but they have a definite late 70’s punk influence to them. Tutu and the Pirates of course is one of the best kept secrets of Chicago punk rock to people who dont’ live in Chicago as they never put out any records back in the old days despite being Chicago’s first punk band. Their older, unreleased recordings did finally come out a few years ago after the release of the excellent Chicago punk documentary, You Weren’t There was released.

Hotlips Messiah

With Kickstarter being all the rage and actually being a very cool thing to get projects off the ground and turned into real products, the two bands united and started a Kickstarter to raise the funds to release the record. The base pledge amount is a mere $5 which gets you a copy of the 7″ along with a digital download which is quite a bargain with today’s rising vinyl prices. Higher pledge amounts get you some swank t-shirts, buttons, CD’s and you can even get dinner with a band member of your choice!

These two bands are great and well worth supporting and as of this writing Hotlips Messiah hasn’t had a vinyl release of any of their material and Tutu and the Pirates went 30 years before finally releasing anything! You can get in on the action and help make people’s record collections better by making a pledge right here. They even made a funny video to promote the project which you can check out on the Kickstarter page.

If you aren’t familiar with either of those bands, fix that now!


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