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Death Hymn Number 9 – 3rd Degree Moon Burns LP

Death Hymn Number 9 LP
Low-fi garage punk at it’s loudest, fastest and most chaotic. Not for the weak of heart.
Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Death Hymn Number 9 – 3rd Degree Moon Burns LP
Alternative Tentacles Records

The legend of Death Hymn Number 9 is that they were a former Motown backing band that was abandoned in the swamps  of Louisiana by Marvin Gaye in 1965. The band built up 40 years of rage before resurfacing in Los Angeles and focused their rage into playing music. While the story is likely fictional, what is factual is Death Hymn Number 9 sounds like a band full of rage and reckless abandon and they managed to capture it to tape (or whatever medium studios are recording bands on these days) and release it as an album.

3rd Degree Moon Burns is a loud, abrasive, fast, and chaotic collection of sheer cacophony. These guys probably don’t tune their instruments and they turn everything up to 11 and play as fast as they can. It is lo-fi garage punk at its most primal level, full of energy and rage with no blueprint or mold with which to give it any shape. It is pounding and relentless white noise. It will make your eardrums bleed and to say it is a challenging listen would be an understatement. It is also a record that lacks any kind of variety and as a result there was little to distinguish one short burst of mayhem from the next.

If you like your music to make your ears bleed and piss off your neighbors you’ve come to the right place. If you like to get shit-faced drunk and break stuff then 3rd Degree Moon Burns would make for a fine soundtrack to your night of mayhem. Those looking for any kind of song structure, hooks, or even something remotely resembling a musical genre you are familiar with will want to look elsewhere. Death Hymn Number 9 can definitely be considered an acquired taste if you are into this sort of thing.


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