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Frontier to release new 7″ from Jawbreaker/Green Day members for RSD Black Friday

CaliforniaFrontier Records has something special planned for Record Store Day Black Friday at the end of this week and boy is it a whopper! The label is releasing an extremely limited 7″ single from the band, California. Who is California you ask? It is a new group featuring Adam Pfahler from Jawbreaker and Jason White from Green Day and Pinhead Gunpowder, who are joined by Dustin Clark of The Insides. These three punk rock superstars joined forces in this new band and if this single is any indication they are going to be something pretty special.

The music sounds a bit what you’d expect from the member’s respective former bands. You can definitely hear similarities to both Green Day and Jawbreaker in the overall sound which I don’t think you’d hear anyone complain about. The songs are high-caliber pop-punk with some great, punchy guitars and the two songs pack a good punch while also being catchy as hell. If you are a fan of any of the bands these guys played it before you are going to find a lot to love about this single. The only complaint I have about the thing is that it is so good it left me wanting more from these guys and the lazy man in me gets mad I have to keep getting up every three minutes to flip the record over and over. Ah yeah, first world problems of the record enthusiast!

This single was a special release for this Friday’s “Record Store Day Black Friday” . It comes in a pocket sleeve and the record is on black and white splatter vinyl which looks really cool and compliments the cover art. It also comes with a download code as well! They only made 250 of these so you may want to get up really early on Friday and camp out in front of your local record store as with that few to go around they are going to go quickly and believe me this single is worth the trouble! In even better news, a full-length album is forthcoming from California as well which I will be really looking forward to.

For more information, check out the Frontier Records website.


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