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Bored, hungry and tired

I’m home for the second day in a row while my kitchen construction continues. There isn’t a whole lot to do today and I’m still tired from waking up at such an ungodly hour on a saturday morning!. I need a nap and I have yet to eat lunch as I have nowhere to make it. Tonite I’m going to see 2 shows at the Empty Bottle. The first one is some thing with ladies wrestling and a band playing, being a big wresling fan, and a fan of laides in general, it should prove interesting. The late show is Milemarker. I have recently been turned on to them from reading a good review of their newest in a magazine and taking a chance. It was worth it as I really like them a lot. I think this is the first show I will be seeing this whole year. As I have gotten older, my tolerance for crowds and smoky places has diminished. I have to really like a band to make the effort now where as before I was going to at least 1 show a week if not more. Kristin and her friend were supposed to make the trek up from the poison town but aren’t coming, so that just leaves Thor and myself going. I hope to hit little Reckless before the first show and get a record “fix”. You can be damn sure I’ll be eating some potbellys between shows!


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