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Sunday – the day of rest?

Went to the two shows last nite. The Puerto Rican parade was yesterday so Western Ave was just chaos. People driving up and down the street honking their horns and waving thier flags. It was an endless sea of cars. I was lucky enough to score a parking spot on my first pass. My trip to Reckless and to Potbellys was cancelled due to the chaos. The KAPOWW wrestling thing was mildy entertaining. It was funny and worth the $5. It was damn short though. Between shows, Thor, RB, and I ate at the bullet-proof subway. Their cookies sucked. The second show was pretty good overall. Denali was the opening act, and they just stole the show. The woman who sings, on top of being good looking, has a really pretty voice. They have an album on Jade Tree and they were selling it at the show. I picked up a copy of the vinyl (white vinyl!). 90 Day Men were up next, and while they seemed quite skilled, I just couldn’t get into them. Milemarker were super hyper, jumping all over the place. They seemed a bit sloppy, but were still damn entertaining. My only real complaint was thay they didnt’ play longer. The show was a benefit for cervical cancer, so it was nice to know that my money was going to a worthy cause. The place wasn’t too crowded, but I just can’t stand all the smoke. Why is it that so many people at shows feel the need that they have to smoke? Man, people in CA have it made with thier strict smoking laws. When I got home, tired as I was, I had to jump in the shower to wash the smoke smell off of me. Thor and RB had way too much to drink at the show, and most of the nite left me alone while they went in the other room and played pool, which kinda bothered me. My back also didn’t hold up too good either, I had much discomfort. When I left the show, I was in pain, tired, and thoroughly annoyed. This was the first show I went to since I re-injured my back, and until it gets fixed, I don’t think I’ll be able to endure another show unless there is a good place to sit. I have a doc appt friday morning to set up my schedule for cortisone shots, hopefully it’ll work, otherwise I have to have surgery, and let me tell you, that would really suck.

The show also continued the tradition of having no one come up and talk to me. I don’t know what it is about me, but no one ever walks up and talks to me when I go out. I would love to meet new people and make new friends, but because I am deathly shy, I can’t just walk up to someone I have never met and strike up a conversation. Don’t get me wrong, once that ice is broken, I am more than capable of having a conversation and am fine, but I just can’t walk up to someone I don’t know, it just doesn’t happen. Even when I used to drink, I still couldn’t do it. This is a large contributing factor to my single status.

Today is the King of the Ring PPV and a bunch of pals are coming over to watch it and have dinner. My kitchen is still in shambles, as they didnt’ finish again yesterday, not to mention I have no kitchen sink or countertops right now either! I guess we’ll be ordering out tonite instead of grilling.

Current music: Denali LP


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