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To purchase one’s own name!

It seems such an odd concept, buying your name, but that is what I just did. I now am the proud owner of My dad has his own company called Vinikour Communications and I am actually half amazed that someone didnt’ talk him into buying that domain years ago. The first thing I did was set up an email account for him, followed by one for myself and my sister. I joked on the phone with him that i was gonna buy every type of vinikour domain there is and charge the family a licensing fee to use them. Many thanks go to Thor for showing me the way and being the gracious host for 2 of my 3 domains (the other is When my mom retired and sold the family business, after sufficiently running it into the ground, the guy who bought it, sold what basically just amounted to my family’s name (on mom’s side) to one of their old competitors. I found that disturbing somehow that some guy would buy the name just as some sort of conquest.

Tonite my vow is to finish putting my kitchen stuff away and finish that list of questions for John Stabb of GI. That and watch smackdown of course.

Tomorrow the DG Heritage Fest is on. I will probably go in hopes of running into any old friends that may show up. Every year though the odds of that are less and less as more people move away, but at least I can get some tasty junk food.

Current music: The Damned (the black album)


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