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You never realize how much you use a kitchen sink or counter tops until you don’t have any! It is gonna be a long couple of weeks until that stuff comes in. After I drove home in the usual crap traffic (during which a promised phone call never came), I spent nearly an hour cutting down the empty boxes from the cabinets so i can put them out for the recycling pick up with my trash in the morning. I still have to figure out how to dispose of my old cabinets and countertops, half of which are in the garage (with my old appliaces still) and half of which are in the driveway. Nextdoor Dave said they are gonna have a dumpster soon for some carpet job they are having done, so if i can hold out I might be able to dump it all in there. After that I walked down to the store for some milk and a salad for dinner and then watched the NWA TNA ppv. Except for the women’s lingerie battle royal, it was pretty boring.

Never got around to finishing the questions for the GI interview, hopefully I can do that tomorrow nite.

Current book: “We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of LA Punk”


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