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Damn doctors!

Got woke up by the phone today, the f’n back doctor called to reschedule my appt AGAIN! My response, “Jesus christ, this is the second fucking time you have done this to me”. The lady on the other end of the phone couldn’t care less, her back obviosuly must be fine and she doesnt’ have to endure the immense discomfort that I have. Now I am gonna have to miss a half day of work to make the appointment they had for me. The rest of the fine morning before work was spent in line at the post office. The damn line went out the door. Had I not had to mail these packages today, I would have just left. Grrr!

For lunch today here at work we all went up on the roof and had a BBQ. It was pretty hot out there, but it was a fun time. It sure beats the normal routine of having a canned lunch such as Spaghettios or Ravioli. Now I’m just looking for any good punk records for sale before going back to my real work. Posted in the pinball newsgroup last nite that i have a Scared Stiff pin for trade/sale. I’m looking for either a nice Bride of Pinbot and money, or a Fish Tales and money. I got a couple emails about in already so hopefully I’ll be able to work out a deal. I would really like that bride of pinbot so i can compete the “pinbot trilogy”. I used to play that one a lot back when it was new. I’d play it at Just Games, and also at Garcia’s pizza in the poison town, where I would grab a couple slices and put in a buck and win replays for half the day.

Spent a good 2+ hours scanning and resizing images for the GI discography. I’m nowhere near close to being done with that, and after I still have to assemble. I think this might be a good opportunity to try and learn tables and frames in HTML. This page will be super long if I don’t. I’ll have to crack open that book Thor got me and sit down and try to get it working.

Current music: The PEACE comp.


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