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Got an email from John Stabb of GI today and he really liked the discography. That really made my day. It was a lot of work but it was also a lot of fun to put together. Look for the interview with him in the near future as well. I think I’m gonna do a Dangerhouse Records discography too and reprint the interview with the founder that appeared in MRR quite a few years ago. I will have to dig it up out of the archives.

Tomorrow they start on my kitchen floor. I can’t wait. I will have to find someone after work tonite to help me move out my kitchen table and this statue that is on that floor because they are too big and/or heavy to move alone, especially with my fucked up back. Man, that doctor’s appt wont’ be here soon enough, and that is if they dont’ pimp me and reschedule it again. Bastards!

No current music as I write this, just the sound of tapping keys and clicking mouses at work.


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