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Well, I spent damn near the whole day working on it and had to ask Vince about a dozen questions, but The Government Issue Discography version 1.0 is finally live. I damn near yelled out loud my delight when I put it all together and the frames actually worked like I envisioned them! I am actually not done as I have to add the compilation appearances and also the CDs. I just did the vinyl for now and that took ages, but the remaining stuff shouldn’t take me that long.

Took a break in hopes of my headache going away and watched a little TV and made a french bread pizza for dinner. It was pretty much all I had left in the freezer. I really need to go grocery shopping later this week after they finish my kitchen floor. I guess the next couple of days I will be walking to the store each nite to get a salad for dinner.

Time for some much needed sleep, gotta work in the morning. Here’s hoping that I am not haunted by bad dreams like I have been the last two nights.


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