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Went to season tickets last nite to check out the new game. It was pretty fun, but I was getting my ass kicked by it. Right before we got there, the designers decided they thought not enough balls go out the right outlane, so they removed one of the posts, which just turned it into a giant vortex. I think i saw the ball go in the right inlane like 3 times the whole nite after that. If the ball got anywhere near that area, you were fucked and it was a right drain. My sore back, lack of sleep, and having been raped by that game put a damper on the whole evening. Koz is coming to town so we are gonna go up there tontie and hopefully the game will be a bit more kind today and I can actually find my shots.

When I came home last nite from work I was in utter shock from how different the house looks with the new floor laid out. It is awesome, better than I thought it would look. They are finishing it up today, so when I get home, it will be another day of not waking on it and jumping onto my stairway from the front doorway.


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