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So last nite I came home from work to the shock of how good my new floor was starting to look. What a huge difference from what was there before. They should have it all done today so I can resume a somewhat normal existence albeit still 2 weeks away from having countertops or a working kitchen sink/dishwaser. Josh and I went to Season Tickets to play the new pinball machine. It was pretty good, but I just couldn’t have a good ball to save my own life. It didn’t help that right as we got there, the designers were there removing a post near the right outlane because they felt the ball wasn’t draining enough out the right side. Well, now it is a fucking vacuum, so thanks a lot guys. After enough frustrating games I figured a game can only bend you over so many times before you realize “hey, this is rape” and give up. I am gonna give it one more chance tonite as I had a bad day and maybe some of my poor playing can be attributed to that. Koz is coming to town today so we will probably go up there tonite so he can see it.

Had lunch with ash today at Ina’s. She picked it, and I am pretty sure that she picked it due to the fact that it wasn’t that far from my work and she was concerned about me walking far with my messed up back, which was very sweet of her. I had a good time and she’s really cool and an easy person to talk to. The food was pretty good too, I just wish there was more of it as I’m still a little hungry.

A friend of mine has a couple expensive records that I’m after that he wants to sell. I gotta come up with the funds so I can buy them instead of having him put them on ebay. I really want them and I can come up with the money fairly quickly by posting a few more pinball parts on ebay that I don’t need. That will help me recoup the funds required to purchase the records. The records are The Mad’s two singles. I missed out on the first Dogs single that he put up on there, I didnt’ even know he was planning on selling it.

Yesterday was the worst back pain day I have had yet, 6 days until the doctor appt and it won’t come soon enough. Give me my shots! Today it is a lot better than yesterday at least. Well back to work.

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