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So last nite I went up to Season Tix with Koz to play the new pinball machine again. I decided that was the last money of mine it is ever going to get. I don’t appreciate being raped by a game with outlanes set up like that. It just wasn’t fair. The head designer flipped out after watching Josh do so well, failing to realize that kid is no way an accurate barometer for your ball time. There were plenty of software issues too that kept me from fully enjoying it as well. Sure it is a test game and that is to be expected, but come on, if you know the extra ball light comes on for no reason and has been for 3 days, fucking fix it already.

My floor is finally done. They put my basement door back on but not the 2 closets. I didn’t know why, so when I went to put them back, I discovered the reason, they don’t fit anymore! The floor is too hight now so the bottoms of the doors are gonna have to be trimmed down about 1/4 inch or so! What a pain in the ass, it is always something!

Tonite the brothers’ Sharpe, Koz, and I are going to eat at potbellys, get the house back in order, and then have a big pinball endurance match where the losers buy Potbellys for the winner tomorrow for lunch. It should be a fun time and we can get any remaining little issues all fixed in the games for our league finals tomorrow.

Just ate a fine Palace burger for lunch and now I feel like I could use a nap, but I have to get these animations cleaned up before I leave today.

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