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The Forces of Evil Conspire Against Me

So I am at work and I’m getting ready to bid on a record that I want on ebay. 10 minutes to go, all of a sudden, BAM, our internet goes down. It is down for the duration of the auction and I miss out on stealth bidding on it, therefore CHEATING ME OUT OF MY PUNK ROCK! Of all the shitty times that it could happen, WHY NOW? It was Slapshot – Same Mistake 7″ on blue vinyl, which is the only color I am missing to complete the set. DAMN!

Ate the usual canned lunch today at my desk and am experiencing a super-deluxe bad back day. I did manage to win the Bad Brains – I Against I LP on blue vinyl for a fair price, so that made my day. Now if I could just get a red and a clear one I’d finish the set of those as well. I can picture sirnailhead reading this and shaking his head in disbeleif of my sickness of having to have completion of all colors/variations.

Last nite I ended up working until close to 10pm. Had the official “working late dinner” at Billy Goat Tavern. The bacon and egg sandwich was quite good I must say. When I got home I just watched the tape of Raw and then went to sleep.

Current music: Darling Violetta


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