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The Verdict

Just got back from the doctor. I have to get my first cortisone shot on monday. I have to find someone to drive me and that sucks because I don’t have any girlfriend or family here. I don’t know what I am gonna do. They also tell me I will have to miss 2 days of work per shot, I hope they don’t fire me. I beleive on top of this, they want me to go to more physical therapy. To quote this mental freak I once knew, “This is very overwhelming and stressful.”

I got the internet radio show up and running. I have to write out the playlist and put the info on my website, but for you faithful readers, you can access it here. You will require winamp and a decent net connection to listen to it.

Just waiting for Dina to show up now so we can go see Halloween. My counters are here and I need someone to watch my house tomorrow too so they can do the install and I can recover from my back stuff in a nice house.

Current music: Click the link to the radio show!


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