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What to do?

It is friday nite and I am about to leave work and go home. Trouble is, I don’t have anything to do once I get there. I called the loaf to see if he wanted to go out to potbellys with me for dinner but he just got done eating some shitty burger king. Who eats dinner before 7pm anyway?! So I am torn over going out there myself for dinner, or just walking to the store for another salad and just laying down and watching a movie or two tonite and resting the back. I need to do some updates to my web site but I don’t have the motivation tonite, so I’ll put in some time on that tomorrow during the day, along wtih posting some stuff on ebay to make a little extra record money. I tell you, when I was younger and all my so-called “friends” weren’t married I never had a shortage of things to do on a friday or saturday nite, now I find myself with little to do on them ever. My how the times have changed, and that is not for the better in this particular instance.

I got email from Jah who told me her mom was having that operation where they staple the stomach. They want to do that to my dad as well. I hope her mom will be OK, more importantly, I hope that her sister will finally wise up and contact her. See they are having this big “sister feud” and jah, having written a heartfelt letter to her sis, got no response whatsoever. I used to go out with jah’s sister for years and damn near married her, it is sad to see how she has changed, and not for the better. She has gotten way more selfish and judgemental than she ever used to be and is far worse than me in said catagories it sounds like. She gets this idea in her head how she thinks people should act or what they should do, and when they don’t match that criteria, she gets mad at them. It seems so trivial and petty a lot of the time and with all my faults, I am glad that I am not like her in that aspect. We are talking about a woman who once she realized I wasn’t gonna be exactly what her vision was of a “perfect husband who wears a suit to work and has his life mapped out to the finish at age 24” she dropped me for the next guy who came along, and followed the plan we had of moving in and getting married almost to the exact date, just with him in my place! Well, for jah’s sake I hope that she at least lifts a finger and reaches out to her before it is too late and the relationship is forever damaged. I watched the remainder of my family fall apart over stupid shit and I am the one left by myself wondering why no one talks to each other or bothers to inquire when one of the family has some really bad back problems and is going in for some tests. I hope the same doesn’t happen to jah.

So monday is the big day, my first shot. Dina was kind enough to commit to taking me to it since they say I am not allowed to drive myself over there. For all the crap I give her about having to find a job, I am glad that at this moment she doesn’t have one so I have someone to take me to the doctor since all my close family lives in other states and truth be told, aren’t that close anymore.

The Halloween movie was actually pretty good. I had a good time going out last nite as well, it was one of the better times I have had in quite awhile.

Well, time to head out and sit in the traffic on the way home, where I will have plenty of time to try and decide what I want to do for the rest of the evening.


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