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Post Shot Update

So I got the cortisone shot today. It wasn’t so bad, I hope the thing works. The doctor numbed up by back with a novocaine type shot first, which pinched but wasn’t so bad (after all, nothing could hurt much worse than my back), and before I knew it she told me she was done, I didnt’ even feel the actual cortisone shot, only the initial numbing shots. They unhooked my IV, gave me juice and crackers and handed me back over to Dina who got my prescription filled and drove me home. That was super nice of her to come out to take care of me and drive me over there.

The doctor ordered me to NOT work this whole week. When she realized how much my commute was, she was not too keen on me doing that much driving and sitting in a car also knowing i sit all day for work. I hope they don’t kill me for taking more time off but hey, I do have a note. My new physical therapy starts on wednesday. I hope all this works cuz I just want the pain to go away and go back to living a normal life.

They finished my kitchen today, Josh watched the house for me while I was away at the hospital, when I feel better and more mobile I will take and post pix. For now, back to laying down and resting. If anyone wants to reach me, you know my number, it is not like I have anything better to do than lay around all week.


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