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Doctor here I come!

Today I had to get up extra early to go to my physical therapy appt. These people are a lot better than the place I had gone to before and everyone there is really nice and they seem to really care about the patients there. I am now at work but only for a couple hours as I have to see the back doc today. I can’t wait to get the next 2 shots as I want to heal. Not to mention as of tomorrow I will be out of pain meds and the bottle said “no refills” so I need to get the doc to refill that for me. Problem is with the next shots is finding someone to take me, I am not sure that I can count on the person who took me to the last one to do it again now and I have no family here, which just sucks.

I had been looking for a copy of the F 12″ for a long time now, the other day I got an email from Bob of Sound Idea who gave me the number of the guy who recorded it and had found a box of them in his mom’s garage a few months back. So I called up this guy that I don’t know and asked him about it, turns out he had a couple left and was a really nice guy and agreed to sell me one for a fair price. That made my day and I can scratch another record off the want list – a list that actually seems to GROW instead of SHRINK! The life of a record junkie is never complete I suppose.

Wrestling was pretty entertaining last nite. I just laid on the couch the whole nite to rest the back and then read a little of one of the HTML books Thor got me and went to bed a little early, I was really wiped out from work and putting up with the pain all day. There is a show I really want to see next week (Denali at the Fireside Bowl) but as it looks now I don’t think I will be able to go and that really sucks.

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