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Just had the best Palace Burger of my life for lunch today. The damn thing was perfect, even the fries were perfect, just the right amount of salt. If we had coke instead of pepsi here at work, it would have been the perfect lunch (aside from potbellys of course). Damn it was tasty!

Last nite I watched smackdown and posted a bunch of stuff on ebay so I can make a little extra record money. I have a ton of stuff I want to unload that is just taking up valuable space in my house so I’ll probably keep posting stuff over the weekend. I want to go to Reckless tonite but I am not convicned I can handle the standing and walking despite my need for a vinyl fix (I have a credit slip burning a hole in my wallet). I guess I will have to see how I feel at the end of the day today when work is done.

This weekend I have a ton of various errands to take care of, so I will be running around all over the place tomorrow, well, more like limping around really. I have therapy at 9am tomorrow, which sucks to have to wake up so early on a saturday, but I need to heal so I will accept it.

Current music: Listening to Nardwuar interviews on This guy is the best interviewer around!


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