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Post shot working

My first day back at work since the shot on monday. I am doing OK, I am having a little easier time moving around. I brought in my little electric shock mechanism and have it hooked up to my back and have been using it throughout the day while I work and it seems to help out with some releif. It is pretty quiet here as like almost half the company is gone for various reasons.

Had therapy this morning so I ended up getting in late. On the way I had to stop for gas and some guy was asking me for money and proceeded to tell me some sob story that they all seem to use. Granted this was in Naperville so it seemed odd that someone was mooching money at the gas station. I told him I have no extra money. He asked what “extra money” meant and I said it means he isnt’ getting any money from me and go ask someone else. He proceeded to tell me some more shit which I wasn’t paying attention to and then he finally went and bothered someone else.


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