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Scratch another want off my list! I just nabbed the first Sunny Day Real Estate 7″ off ebay. Tomorrow nite, I have to bid on a very expensive Crime single. The guy selling it, I know, and he is a fucking sleaze, but I need the record and as much as it pains me to buy it off him, I will have to do it (if I win). Speaking of ebay, I had 2 auctions end today of pinball parts I was sellling. I cleaned up pretty good so now have more $ in the record fund.

Watched bubble boy on cable, it was somewhat funny and since there was nothing else on tonite I figured what the hell. Before that I watched the NWA TNA PPV and except the final match, it was so extremely terrible that I was embarassed to be a wrestling fan.

Rich came by and moved my old appliances out of my garage onto the driveway for me so they can pick them up tomorrow. That was nice of him to come over just to help me out by moving heavy shit. I am lucky that I have such good friends who are willing to help my half-crippled ass out.

Tomorrow morning I have therapy and then it is back to work. I chatted on MSN with a couple people from work today for a few mins and they all asked me how I was doing, it made me feel at ease that they are concerned for my health and not pissed off at me for missing work all the time.


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