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Dreams and therapy

So yesterday I spent a good portion of the day scanning and assembling images for the Jawbreaker discography that myself, and vinny g are compiling. I just found out he is moving to Seattle in a few weeks. I told him he should be moving back to Chicago dammit, I need friends to hang out with! Aside from the scanning, I went to the store to buy food for lunches at work as I am sick of the canned food I had been eating forever. Now instead of chefboyrdee it is turkey on wheat with a side of carrots. I watched my new Star Trek 2 DVD last nite and some of the extras as well but I got too tired to finish it. The back is hurting less each day which is a good sign.

Last nite I had two dreams. One was that Midway, my former place of employment, went out of business and closed down. The other dream – I was playing pinball. I guess dream #2 means I am going thru pinball withdrawl as I have not played since our league ended on account of my back being so messed up. Everyone wants to start a new doubles league and I really want to play so I am hoping I can heal up good enough to start playing again next month.

This week, my schedule is pretty fucked and I am going to be leaving early from work everyday this week except today! They had no morning appointments left for physical therapy so I had to take afternoon ones on tue, wed, and fri. Thursday I have the follow up appointment with the back doctor who will then determine if I am to get my third shot. Since I am improving I imagine that I will be getting it and I look forward to it, because if I improve as much with the next one as I am doing with this one, I’ll be doing quite well and should hopefully be resuming a normal life of walking without pain and playing pinball again. I am really mad that this injury has cost me most of the summer of bike riding and walking therefore robbing me of the only exercise I ever get! Of course, with the next shot comes the stress of finding someone who can take me to get it again. I know not to ever ask rmd – my ex for anything, and since I am not going to speak to her ever again it isn’t even an issue. She can take her “new life” straight to hell for all I care.

Well enough of my rambling, I have to resume this thing I am doing at work which is driving me crazy trying to figure out, I needed a break and figured it was a good time to blog.

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