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A new look

So I spent a good portion of the evening working on a new look for this blog. I am not convinced that this is going to be final, but it is at least a change. I am also not sure on the new title either. I just couldn’t think of a good one and this title is often used to describe my house by friends so I figured what the hell.

This morning at 5 minutes to 7, the phone rang and woke me up, it was a damn fax machine trying to call me! This is not the first time it has happened either. Then, less that an hour later, my cell phone was ringing downstairs and it woke me up again! I did not answer it. Then I had to wake up early for a dentist appt. I received a clean bill of teeth! I had to leave early from work today for physical therapy. They evaulated me again so they could send an update to my back doctor and I have really improved a lot since the whole thing started. I am really starting to feel a lot better now and after the next shot and some more therapy, I think I will be pretty much back in action, which means I can play pinball, and walk again and hopefully get some bike riding in before the summer is over.

Posted a few more things on ebay again to make some more record money. I posted up a bunch of video game stuff like shirts and such, all stuff from the old job that just takes up space and has no sentimental value to me, in fact it is just a reminder of how unhappy that place made me that last couple years I was there and how much I don’t like a good majority of the people left working there. I’m going to be much happier with the records I am going to buy with whatever money I get from this stuff.


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