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A new Godzilla movie is coming out! I’m talking the REAL GODZILLA that the Japanese made, not that lame-ass blasepheming pile of crap the Americans tried to pass off on us. Fuck the Amercian Godzilla and its lame Jurassic Park wannabe ass, they should never have called it Godzilla. Thankfully the Toho Corp. is restoring the good name of Godzilla!

And on the topic of that American Godzilla. Aside for changing the look of Godzilla to better look like Jurassic Park, and the recycled story from JP2, they were doomed from the get go becasue everybody knows that Giant monsters can’t go to America. Our climate doesn’t permit it. Only in Japan is the climate suitable for monsters, which is why over the years they have been victim to so many monster attacks. Luckily they have had many protectors over the years to keep their nation in tact such as Ultraman, Spectreman and Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot. If it wasn’t for them, Japan would have been doomed. And as for Godzilla, he make fuck shit up on his numerous visits, but everytime some other monster came and starting tearing up his hood, he laid the smackdown on thier asses,, thus saving Japan from total destruction! And really, what is a few buildings and power lines in comparison with having your ENTIRE CITY destroyed by monsters?


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