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So after work I went to get my haircut. Now I look presentable again. My haircut woman has been bugging me for years that she wants to do something different with my hair, so i promised her that next time I go it that she can. I finally am going to cave in. After that I met Thor over at Penny’s for dinner. I got a great parking place at both Penny’s and the haircut place so that was nice. There was a nice breeze outside too which made for a pleasant little walk to the places from the car. When we left Penny’s, Thor took off and I went over to Reckless in hopes of finding some fine vinyl. I also got a good spot about a block away so I was pleased yet again. When I was walking to the store, there was all kinds of lightning flashes but no rain yet, I was hoping I’d get in and out before the rain started and I did. Unfortunately there wasn’t a damn thing worth the trip at Reckless. In fact, my last many visits there have been a total bust. I picked up a couple things but nothing that really made it worth the time. It is quite obvious that whatever good records might ever come in there used, that they never make it to the floor and some asshole gets them and puts them on ebay. I remember a time that I went there every single week, now I hardly ever go because I come out there with so little. Hell, I wanted to get the Drunk Injuns and Los Olvidados albums that just came out on CD since I have store credit still, but they didn’t even have those and they are brand new! Oh well, still had a pretty good day. I got to vent my anger and some crazy bitch who wronged me, I got a haircut, ate good food, had a good day at work, and found good parking everywhere today. Not bad at all.


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