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New CDs!

I got 2 cds yesterday, one I bought (the new Milemarker CDEP) and one was a freebie (Revelation sampler). I brought them both to work today so I could listen to them. Well, they both have some multimedia crap on them, and I can’t figure out for the life of me how to just find and play the audio! I tried to point winamp to the cd to play but it finds no tracks. I open the dir of the CD and there are no audio tracks, WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY! Fuck multimedia and these bullshit “ehanced cds”. You just enhanced me out of listening to some damn music! Fucking bastards!

Went to potbelly’s for lunch today. It was perfect as always. This time they didn’t have to drop me off at the door and go find parking, I am able to walk now, so that pleased me.

Looks like more rain is on the way, I hope it doesn’t totally ruin the traffic home. Thursdays for some reason is always the worst traffic day, you put a few drops of water out there, and more often than not I end up taking Ogden Ave all the way home from the city as it ends up being faster, even with the 80+ stoplights.


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