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Medical shit

I just called my insurance company to see if they would pay for more physical therapy. They have a cap of 20 visits per calendar year. Well, I need 8 more. You would think since the place I am going to is out of network and they are barely paying anything as it is, that they’d cough up the cash, but NO, and the lady on the phone couldn’t be any colder. “That’s all you get, sorry” was her response. So I guess I should of went to the place I used to go to, where they pay 100 percent yet the treatment isn’t as good, that way I could have gotten my employer’s money worth out of my policy. FUCKERS! Now I am stuck paying 85 bucks a visit times 8 visits. This on top of the 50 bucks or so a visit I was paying with the insurcance barely picking up any of the tab. That just ruined my whole day.

And on top of that, now my friend who is visiting called to find out what time to meet back at my house to go to this party. I told him, and he decided he’d just meet me up at the party and ride with another mutual friend whose house he is at right now. He asked if I could grab his shit from my house when I go home. Gee, thanks for letting me do the long drive to the party alone and also have dinner alone.

At least the traffic isn’t looking so bad for the commute home from work. That and I had a productive day today at work are about the highlights of the day now.


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