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Pinball and Potbellys

Yesterday I had a mountain of mail to take to the PO, stuff I sold on ebay. When I got home, I realized I forgot a package! I was pissed because now I have to make a trip over there before work tomorrow morning if possible. After that, I straightened up my computer room, which had become quite a mess. It still isnt’ finished but it is much improved.

Last nite Koz and I went to Potbellys and then to the Foundry. The Foundry was dead so we stayed about 5 minutes then called Lyman and met him up at Season Tickets. There was a $5 cover to get in, normally when the owner is at the door, he doens’t make me pay since I know him from when I worked at Midway and we tested games there, but he wasn’t there, so I had to cough up the $. The cover was due to a band playing that nite. There was a cute girl leaving flyers on tables about the band, so I went and looked at one. I forget the name of the band now, but the subtitle after the band’s name was “a tribute to Creed”. CREED?! First of all, Creed suck, second of all, they have not been around long enough to warrant a tribute band! They are still an active band for one thing! I can maybe see the point for the unnecessary tribute bands to the Beatles and Led Zepplin, I mean it is not like you can go see the real thing and both bands had good songs. But to have a tribute band for some crappy current band is just downright STUPID! I was offended that not only did I have to listen to this while playing my 2 games of pinball and 1 game of darts on a shitty dartboard, but that some of my $5 went to that band, therefore encouraging them in thier stupid endeavor. Speaking of the pinball. I had the best game of RCT of my life last nite, but the bug-infested software ruined the experience. I mean, how can you put out software that when you lock a ball, it ENDS THE BALL IN PLAY?! The same programmer had the same bug on their last game, you would think he’d not do that again. I think he owes me some money, and had I his phone number, I would have called him up from the bar to yell at him.

Going to Potbellys again for lunch today, then probably gonna post some stuff on ebay to make some record cleaning machine/physical therapy money and then just take it easy and relax until the PPV tonite. I’ll probably watch one of the DVDs I was sent for review for the SC website and bring my ancient powerbook downstairs to type notes during it for the review. I am going to buy a new laptop and wireless network thing when I sell that SS pinball machine to Josh next week. At least I hope to, I may need that money to cover my property tax that is due next week, gotta check out my funds.


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