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PPV and the weekend

The PPV was quite entertaining tonite. The match of the show was the HHH/Shawn Michaels match. It was damn good. Shawn Michaels having not worked a match since his back injury forced him out, was in fine form and didn’t look broken down at all. Hell, he can still run circles around people like hogan even when they were at thier primes! The only boring match was really the Test/Undertaker match adn thankfully it was a short one. No one won the bet, so the pot carried over for the third time! It is up to 21 dollars now. I gotta win, I need the money!

This weekend wore me out, it was the most active I have been in a couple months since getting hurt. I am a bit sore and super tired. I hope to sleep well as tomorrow I have a long day ahead of me at work since we have a deadline to meet.


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