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VPI here I come

So I finally caved in and ordered the super record cleaning machine. I agonized over it all weekend and despite the fact that it is probably the worse time to be spending any more money, I figured the sale was too good to pass up and the vault needs the machine to keep it up to snuff at all times. For anyone who cares to see what it is I am talking about, go here .

Still at work as we have a deadline, good thing I taped raw. Hopefully I won’t be here too late but dinner at the Billy Goat is looking more and more like a reality. Now I’ll have to watch raw tomorrow nite after work, which blows my plans to watch one of the DVDs I have to review for the website. I guess wednesday it is for that.

My lunch plans with ash got cancelled today, and since I didn’t bring a lunch as backup, I had to go out to lunch anyway. Luckily I was able to tag along with a few folks who went out here.

The back people called and changed my last shot for a day later. That puts me awful close to the Milemarker show I wanted to go too. I should be ok to go as it is 2 days later, but I will have to wait and see. Not only that, but they made the appointment for 9am, which is 90 mins earlier than the one I had. I hope finding someone to drive me to it isn’t going to be a problem now.


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