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I am still mad at AT&T for pimping me out of a record. FUCK YOU AT&T, you owe me a clean copy of the “From the Valley Within” comp! Was watching the Richard Kern DVD lat nite, I didn’t get thru the whole thing yet, it is long. I am going to finish that up tonite after smackdown is over. Sitting through all of those Kern films at once is like an endurance match.

Where is the UPS man? I am hoping my record cleaning machine gets delivered today but the way it is looking now, it might not be until tomorrow. It better get here by tomorrow or I’ll be super pissed. I’m not sure what I am gonna do about dinner, I am pretty much out of food except for soup I think and don’t plan on going to the store until this weekend. Soup or grilled cheese sandwich, maybe I’ll make both.


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