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Last nite I watched a good portion of the MTV awards. I think that show gets less interesting every year. Of course I’m not really any kind of fan of 99% of the stuff they have going on in popular music, but I still check it out just to see what’s going on. GunsnRoses played. Well, really it isn’t GunsnRoses, but the Axl Rose band as he is the only original member left. They were pretty sloppy and rather pathetic to see. While some bands can feature only the original singer and get away with it, this is a case where it just seems wrong, especially when you take into account on how they got to the point there are at today. Michael Jackson looks fucking scary. Seeing him now, he looks like the lead female ape on the recent Planet of the Apes movie, you know, the one that had the hots for Markey Mark. What a freak. I missed the part where Pink got up on stage to accept an award and was plastered, I did see her performance though and she looked good. For some reason she reminded me of Cher when I was watching her sing, I am not sure why. I had an impure thought or three about her while she was on stage (Pink, not Cher). Christina Aguillera looked damn hot with her seemingly bigger boobs and that bed sheet she was wearing. However, she all of a sudden speaks like a black rapper?! That was pretty fucking stupid. That N’Sync boy sucked. The Eminem picking a fight with Moby was pretty stupid too and uncalled for. Both those clowns were just being childish. Em’s performance was OK, but seeing rappers perfrom live is a let down cuz all they do is sing directly over thier records, vocals going and all. I could care less about the sudden resurgence of Bruce Springsteen so I didn’t even pay attention to the show opener. The intro skit by that SNL guy was kinda funny though. That girl from “Don’t Say a Word” looks like she is weird. Why does Nelly wear that stupid bandaid on his face? Ja Rule is perhaps the worst rapper ever and his voice is annoying. How did this guy become a star? How Linkin Park won an award over Korn is a mystery to me. I think that pretty much covers what I saw. I’m sure I’ll catch what I missed over the weekend as they’ll rerun the show like 100 times.

I finished watching the Kern DVD and the first pass at the review, which was super long. I’ll edit that and the other one and get them up on Sunday while this cleaning lady is at my house, which is in dire need of it since I have been unable to do it myself having the hurt back and all. Also going to see Star Wars Ep 2 at the Tivoli with Thor tomorrow nite. The Tivoli is this beautiful old theatre that has been around since the 30’s I beleive. It is $2 to get in and they have the best popcorn on the planet. Not to mention, free refils on all sizes of drink and popcorn!

My damn record machine didnt’ show up yesterday, that UPS man better be here today or I am gonna hunt him down and start breaking bones! I want that thing for the weekend so I can get it up and running on my 3 day weekend!

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