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Shot #3

This morning I had to wake up at 7am to go to my shot. SLO took me there, which was pretty damn nice of her. I was back home by 10am or so. I just layed around all day trying not to get up as much as possible, but when you live alone, you have to get up for things like food, water, etc. MDP called me from work today to tell my that my laptop arrived and he offered to drive out and drop it off to me! That was super deluxe nice of him and I totally appreciate it. He helped me get the wireless router set up and this here is my first blog entry from the new laptop in my living room!

I watched a couple DVDs from the pile today. First up was the new special edition Pulp Fiction, which with all the extras took me over 5 hours to get through all of, damn good sound on it too, in DTS. After smackdown was over, I watched The Craft. Damn that Fairuza Balk is a hottie. It is now 1:25 am and I would have thought I would be passed out now since I was up so early, but for some reason the days of these shots I end up staying awake a long time and have trouvle falling asleep.


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