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VPI is the shit!

Demon came over last nite and helped me unload and set up the VPI record cleaner machine. All I can say is, HOLY SHIT, that thing is amazing! The records come out cleaner than new and I noticed the improvement in sound as well! That thing was well worth the money and I only wish I had gotten one sooner. To celebrate the new machine, I started making a CD of the Landmind Records collection, all of which got the cleaning treatment before recording them to CD. I have to finish that tonite as I got tired with the last 2 records left to record. After that, I gotta scan the covers and make a little booklet for it.

Since this is my last day at work this week, I pretended it was Friday and went to get a palace burger with angrytodd. It was damn good, and now that we know to ask for no slaw, no fries get tainted in the package while walking back! Tomorrow morning at 8am I have my shot and the next 4 days will be spent laying down as much as possible and resting the back. I pray that this will take and I won’t have to get surgery, but seeing as the last few days were more painful than normal, I am afriad this isn’t gonna be enough. At least while I am resting up, I have like 10 DVDs to watch now, so I am all set, I can’t wait for my big movie fest to begin.


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