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Another day full of DVDs

Had to get up for a doctor appt today, I woke up at 10am and I could have gone back to sleep easily for 2 more hours. After the appt, Thor came over and brought me some DVDs to borrow and we grabbed sandwiches from Yorktown Deli and watched Shawshank Redemption, which I had never seen before. What a great movie, I may buy that someday for the library. He couldnt’ get my 2 pcs to see each other over my wireless network which was a bummer but eventually someone will figure it out and I’ll get it working. The Loaf came by and we watched Jackie Brown DVD and now he is taping a few songs from the punk vault before I pop in the second disc and watch all the extras. Dinner consisted of a frozen pizza and a root beer. I would have liked to go out for something but going to the doctor and the deli was taxing enough on me today as I am still quite sore. I actually wish I had a few more days off of work aside from tomorrow because I could really use the rest. Tomorrow I am not leaving the house for anything and am just gonna rest up and watch a few more movies.

My dad called and told me he got out of the hospital a day early and he sounds like he is doing great. That is awesome that he recovered from that so fast, I’m impressed. Now I’m curioius to see how much weight he will lose by the time I see him next month.


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