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F’n AIM!

So I am in the middle of a AIM conversation with Zentrope and my fucking internet connection craps out and was out for over an hour. I sometimes think someone at ATT is spying on me and picks the worst time to pull the plug on me, when either I am bidding on records, or talking to a good looking woman. Damn you ATT, you’ll get yours!

Watched Clash of the Titans with SLO and Deacon. SLO, being the super kind person she is, picked up portillos for me and also grabbed a Godzilla movie for me from Best Buy. That girl often goes above and beyond the call of duty for friendship, which is a rare thing these days.

Tomorrow Thor is coming over to watch a couple movies and hang out with me. On tap for tomorrow is Jacky Brown and The Untouchables.


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