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Common Sense?!

A couple months ago, I posted ad ad in the pinball newsgroup stating I had a pinball machine for trade/sale. This one guy who lives in the area responds and says he has a machine I was interested in. I wrote back to ask where he was located and the specifics of the machine and got no reply. Fast forward to now, nearly 2 months later, and he finally responds. He describes his machine and apologized for not responding sooner, but he doesn’t use the email I wrote him to hardly ever and gave me two others to use instead. Keep in mind, I REPLIED TO HIS EMAIL WHICH HE WROTE FROM THAT ACCOUNT! So my question is, if you were expecting a reply, why did you write me from that account in the first place?! Stupid ass! I wrote him back and told him the machine is sold, and asked that very question. The guy’s machine sounded like it was in rough shape anyway, and from what I hear the guy is a total sleazy pinball dealer. I’m much happier having sold the game to JLS even though I get less than I could have through other channels.


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