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I am in such pain that it sucks the life out of me. I am just laying here on the couch, which hurts because I have trouble finding any way to position myself that doesn’t hurt. The painkillers aren’t working so good and I will probably have to start double dosing them. Thursday will not be here soon enough, and I am demanding the surgery asap. I can barely sleep as it is even when people aren’t calling me at 1am, but now I get even less sleep because of the discomfort/pain. There is nothing good on TV tonite, and I’m not in the mood to put in anything because it won’t get my full attention. I scanned the covers for the Landmind Records CD I made and I am going create a cover for it in photoshop. God bless laptop computers and wireless connections, sitting at the desk all day at work was taxing enough, thankfully I don’t have to do it at home anymore. I wish life had a fast forward button, so I could skip ahead to being fixed and back to normal.


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