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A year already

Got a bit more sleep last nite, but still no releif for my back. 24 hours until the doctor appt. I hope whatever fix they may have, which I would much rather have surgery than to try anything else and hope that it will work, better come quick. I can’t be waiting a month for an appt or for an operation. I already discussed things with work as far as my missing the time for recovery were this to happen, and can probably do some work at home while laying down thanks to the new laptop and wireless setup I have at home. Doing some work at homek, provided I’m awake, might actually be nice to help me pass the time and also feel like I’m not useless to them while I am laid-up.

As everyone is aware, this is the 1 year anniversary of 9/11. They have stuff about it everywhere you look. I was listening to Howard Stern this morning and they were replaying the show from last year when it happened. I was remembering how scared I felt last year at this time. I don’t think all this media hoopla was necessary though, it has only been a year, no one is forgetting it so soon. It seem more like a ploy to get some ratings, and if that is the case (which it usually is when it comes to the media) then that is pretty sleazy. In fact, last nite while flipping channels, they were having specials on last nite telling what their specials were going to be today! So I think it is a safe assumption that nothing good will be on TV for tonite’s resting on the couch, so I will probably start watching the Space 1999 DVDs that angrytodd loaned me.


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