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Not a good start

Today when I got to work, I had to drive around for 20 mins trying to find a parking place. I finally gave up and parked in one of those spots where you have to move your car at 4pm (no parking 4-6). It was really hard to walk to the office from the spot I parked in because it was far away and I had a lot of pain. I would have had to move it in the afternoon, but angrytodd said when he goes out to move his that he’d move mine too. That was super nice of him and saved me a great amount of discomfort. SLO also did me a favor today by running to the store for me to get milk and garbage stickers so I can take out my trash to the curb.

Today I learned that if 1 pain pill doesn’t do the job, it is not necessarily a good idea to take 2. I have been taking vicoprofin for my back pain and it doesn’t really seem to be working anymore, so after lunch I decided to double dose. Well, about an hour later, I felt all doped up and kind of woozy. I thought for sure that I might pass out. That lasted for awhile and kind of scared me. It started wearing off about 6pm and by the time I left to go home, I had my wits about me fine but I had a stomach ache and was pretty tired and wiped out. On top of that, it didn’t make the pain feel better either! So the moral of the story is don’t double dose your meds. Tomorrow I will demand my surgery when I see the doc.


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