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I hate driving

Why is it that if you are on the highway, there is a high speed limit and no red lights or stop signs, and no accidents blocking the road, is there stopped traffic?! I never understood it. If everyone is going 55+, why would there ever be stopping?

Is it just coincidence that people who drive SUV’s are among the worst drivers on the road?

What jackass deisigned the I290 in chicago and didn’t think to make it at least 6 lanes per side?!

What would posess a legally blind man to get on a motorcycle and go for a ride, resulting in him running over and killing a 6 year old girl in IL?! That dumbass deserves life in prison for such a stuipd act that resulted in the needless death of a little girl.

Where does one purchase melotonin? Does that shit really work, I am having trouble sleeping and can’t take any narcotic sleep aids.

Current music: King Diamond – Abigail LP (the REAL KING! fucking great horror metal. every king album is a conecpt album and how does he get his voice to do that?!)


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